Education and Training

We offer a professional live and online training program where patent attorneys help to provide the required patent knowledge, TEDx speakers sharpen presentation skills, and regulatory pathways for medical devices are explored. Our easy accessible LCA course, to calculate the carbon footprint of a product or process, has been successfully attracting participants from all over the globe.

Community building through education

The InSciTe Education & Training Program prepares talented researchers for a successful career as a professional in the biomedical or biobased sector. To date, no fewer than 840 people have completed a training course. Some of the training courses were developed in close cooperation with Maastricht University, as one of the Founding Fathers of InSciTe, and in particular with the Faculty of Science and Engineering.

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Regulatory and Quality knowledge speeds up medical device projects

The regulations on CE marking and FDA approval are often blamed for slowing projects down, but they can have the opposite effect, argues Bert Degens, trainer for InSciTe. ‘If you take account of the regulations and related standards early on in your project, the process is more efficient and you get your product onto the market faster.’ This experience is echoed by participant Alicia Damen, who completed the entire educational programme at InSciTe. ‘The courses run by InSciTe give you the knowledge you need.’

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