We created an ecosystem of R&D and businesses for the accelerated development of innovations. Despite the challenges we faced with Covid-19, we started 5 new research projects and participated in multiple EU funded projects. Our biomedical accelerator model has even won European acclaim in 2020, as a best practice within the framework of the Interreg project Medtech4 Europe.

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Developing a new value chain from biomass to C6 monomers

To find alternatives for fossil-based products in the chemical industry, InSciTe contributes to the development of products and intermediates with a reduced environmental footprint. From biomass to C6 monomers, that is the promise of our new project BM2C6. John van der Schaaf and Randolph Hagenbeek reveal more.

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From PET bottle to dashboard

Over the last few decades, plastics have found their way into modern society. The impact on our planet however is undeniable. Sadly, large quantities of plastic waste often end up in our environment after just one use. Plus, we rely heavily on fossil raw materials in order to produce plastic. The BiCEPs (Bio-based and Circular Engineering Plastics) project is helping to offer a solution, by recycling polymer waste into an advanced material. Iris Hilker, Project Manager at DSM, and Francesca Sgarbossa, researcher at Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e), tell us more.

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PoSTuRE, from bench to bedside

Over an impressively short period of four years, the PoSTuRE project has been brought from test to trial. Were it not for COVID, the clinical trial would have already started and the first patients would have undergone surgery using the new technique. ‘We can act directly, everything is in place now,’ says Paul Willems, an orthopaedic surgeon at Maastricht University Medical Centre.

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